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    Goddess connections

    Sedona, Arizona

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  3. It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.
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kevwil: ”Orc-scapade” by (christianlim )


    kevwil: ”Orc-scapade” by (christianlim )

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earthyday: Long Trần
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  6. Art is giving yourself permission to translate life. Exactly the way you feel. See. And hear it. Be the artist you are. Give yourself permission to speak your own language.
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    the past is a strange place

    cops on bikes used to transport criminals like this


    this guy worked as an alarm for waking people up


    one wheel motorcycle


    pin-boys who manually lined pins up


    baby cage for families who wanted their kids to get enough sunlight


    zoo-keeper showering a penguin


    But who woke up the guy that woke everyone else up

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  8. In Purbalingga, central Java, numerous small workshops represent the first step in a global supply chain. Almost all workers are women, all of them scraping a living by measuring and cutting artificial hair to the requisite size for false eyelashes, and then knitting them onto a thin plastic thread. The job requires intense concentration, often leaving workers with sore eyes and backs. Their financial remuneration for such monotonous work is about $0.04 per pair, sometimes lower. By the time the product reaches Western consumers, the price they pay has often reached $10 a pair – a mark-up of 2,400%.

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